5 Good Reasons to Visit Cabras

5 Good Reasons to Visit Cabras

Do you have a journey in Sardinia in your mind, but don’t know where would you want to go?

Do you want enjoy beautiful beaches?

Do you like history?

Would you like to taste unique meal?

Would you like to discover our nature?

Very well, this post is for you: here 5 reasons why your next holiday will be Cabras.

1) Amazing beaches
Cabras is very famous for its beaches, you know?
Is Arutas and Mari Ermi are the most renowned.
Trust me, bring you camera and you will not be disappointed.
These two beaches are renowned for their quartz sand.
But, if you don’t want to stay under the sunshine, I suggest you to take your sub mask and
discover our seabed.
Remember, it’s forbidden to take sand. Enjoy our beaches and give the same opportunity to

• 2) Archeological areas
If you come in Oristano, you must visit archeological areas in Cabras.
We’re talking about ancient civilization of Tharros, Mont’ e Prama areas and nuraghe.
Metropolis of Tharros, situated on the extreme south of Peninsula of the Sinis was founded in the
end of VIII century and left in 1071 ‘cause barbarian raids.
Today, this archeological area is renowned as the Sunk Town ‘cause the other site is under the
sand. Moving on Capo San Marco, you can see graves from fenici’s era.
Giants of Mont’e Prama are sculptures of archers, fighters and warrior in sandstone high more
then 2 metres. They was discovered by some farmers in 1974.
There are 38 sculptures totally, some of these are situated in Cabras’ museum.
You can visit it when you want.
In Cabras there are more then 70 nuraghi.
Of these, 47 are formed by only tower, the other are formed by one main tower and a variable
number of minor towers.

• 3) Local Feast
The most famous feast in Cabras probably is the run of barefoot men.
This festival takes place every first Sunday in September.
Click here to booking your holiday or find out more about our festivals.

• 4) Food and Beverage
Cabras is ready to welcome you: you can find more then 40 restaurant.
You can taste our foods: the famous Bottarga, made by eggs of mullet, eels, roast mullet, the
Burrida and Sa Mrecca.
Moreover, you can buy local products such as homemade wine and oil, directly from local

• 5) Active Tourism
Aquae Sinis cooperates with local associations to give you an amazing experience.
Become a fisherman for a day with FLAG Pescando Association.
Take part to the show cooking with the local chef and taste dishes made with products at 0 km.
Take a bike and discover the Sinis or take part to the guided tours in kayak into the pond.

Find out more about the activities in Cabras.