Island of Mal di Ventre

Reachable only 20 minutes by dinghy, Mal di Ventre is a small island to the west of the
Peninsula of Sinis.
The name derives from the wrong translation attributed to it: in fact, originally it was Malu Entu, or bad wind.
This name comes from the strong mistral winds that often blow on the island, which make it a very important place to visit difficult to cross.
The western part of the island, is characterized by a rugged cliff questions by two beautiful
inlets: Cala Maestra and Cala Ponente; while the eastern, flatter part is formed by
a quartz beach that recalls the beaches of Mari Ermi and Is Aruttas.
An ancient legend tells of in fact that the grains of quartz that form the beaches of Is Aruttas and Mari Ermi come from the Island.
The beach, still houses the remains of an ancient civilization. There are in fact the remains of a Nuraghe, a well
for the collection of rainwater and other ruins that show that the island was already inhabited from afar 6000 B.C.
The island is inhabited by several animal species: we can see different types of birds, the falcon of the
queen, the shearwaters, the cormorants and the seagulls.
In addition, the island is a fertile ground for spawning sea turtles.
The only mammals to populate the island are small wild rabbits and white mice.
The clean seabed is ideal for snorkeling. It is inhabited by lobsters and lobsters and different types of fish: Lovers of this activity will be able to spot, among other fish, both barracudas and groupers.
Not far from the coast, you can admire the wrecks produced by the sudden change
of time, among which there is a Roman wreck of over 30 meters sunk between 80 BC and 50 BC.
The most recent, the Joyce, the Cagliaritan merchant ship sank in 1973.

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