Wellness Center

This is the ideal solution for spending precious moments dedicated to yourself.

The tranquillity is guaranteed by the limited number of guests (a maximum of 6) and by the opportunity to sip a good herbal tea surrounded by aromatherapy scents. The Wellness Area is available for guests and whoever wants to discover it.

The welcoming heated water hydro massage pool, the Finnish spa, the Turkish bath, the Scottish shower and the chromo therapy showers prepare the mind and the body to receive a beneficial massage.

€ 30,00 per person for 90 min.

Body Massage

Holistic Relaxing Massage
€. 48 – 50 min
A fusion of Western and Eastern techniques that promotes relaxation, relieves muscle tension and  stress accumulated in the tissues.

Californian Bio Emotional Massage
€. 50 -50 min.
It relaxes and regenerates body and mind, helping to find balance and come into full contact with oneself . It is aimed at people who seek effective and lasting relief from their tensions.

Aromatic massage with essential oils from the Sinis area
€. 55 -60 min. – €. 45- 40 min.
Pleasant relaxation immersed in the scents of essential oils extracted from local medicinal plants. 
- Myrtle, balsamic and  invigorating, has a purifying action and helps the mind to free itself from everyday thoughts.
-Lavender, soothing and relaxing, exerts a balancing action, brings relief to tired and fatigued muscles and is a panacea in case of headaches.
– Helichrysum, detoxifying and soothing, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and regenerates tired and dull skin, giving it light.

Relaxing massage Classic
€. 35 -30 min.
It provides psycho-physical wellbeing and (extemporaneously) soothes fatigue by means of acupressure and highly targeted manipulations.

Hot Stone Massage 

60 € 50 minutes

An extraordinarily relaxing massage with hot basalt stones. It balances the dystonic chakras and acts on negative energy vibrations. Immerse yourself in deep wellbeing.

Localized massages

Relaxing massage
€.45- 40 min.
To naturally soothe and prevent muscle contractions and the accumulation of stress in various areas of the body.

Sports massages
€. 48 -50 min.
Localized treatments (legs, back, limbs) based on  various techniques; it acts on the muscular and articular system, preparing it for any physical activity or winding down it.

Draining Massage
€. 55 -50 min. – €.35 -30 min.
It acts on the venous and lymphatic circulation, stimulating the disposal of excess liquids, contrasting and preventing water retention, cellulite and swelling. The appearance of your skin will visibly improve

Back massage
€. 35 – 30 min
An effective remedy for relieving tension in the back, lumbar and shoulder muscles.

Facial and head massage 
€. 30- 30 min.
Globally relaxing, this massage stimulates the immediate relaxation of the somatic features, deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the face and scalp.

Foot massage
€. 25 -25 min.
Immediate relaxation for tired lower-limbs, perfect after any sporting activity or long standing stops. It’s
based on the encounter of ancient Arab and Oriental techniques.

Lymph drainage 

90 € 100 minutes

Massage with the aim of “opening” the lymphatic stations to allow the flow of lymph, indicated in all cases of oedema, water retention, cellulite, lymphatic stasis.