San Salvatore 31 August 2019

The run of barefoot Men

As tradition, the first Sunday in September Cabras celebrates a rite from XVII century.
We’re talking about the most famous feast of center-west Sardinia: The Run of Barefoot Men.
The first Saturday in September the simulacre of Santu Srabadoi (Saint Salvatore) will be taken
from the church of Saint Maria Assunta to the church of San Salvatore situated in homonymous
Many faithful people (is corridoris) carry the simulacre on their shoulder through a path of 7 km.
They’re barefoot, with only a white tunic and a cord on their waist.

The Legend
This event is dated back to 1619 when people took the statue of Saint Salvatore in order to save it
from a barbarian raid.
According to the legend, in order to seems more numerous then enemies, the barefoot men drag
some branches to made dust during the run.
The barefoot men were success on their aim and the enemies ran away.
From that day, every year, to remember what happened, the rite is repeated by more then 800
faithful as a renewal of the vow.

The outward…
Celebration has beginning with the mass in honor to Saint Salvatore in the church of Saint Maria
Assunta at 6.30 a.m.
Is Curridoris will start to run per 7 km with the statue on their shoulder, bringing it in the village of
San Salvatore.
In the village will be another mass, then civil celebration will start: the mullet festival begins at 7.00
p.m. with dance exhibition.

… and the way back
In the church of Saint Salvatore will celebrate a mass at 5.30 p.m.
Is Curridoris will come back to Cabras at 6.30 p.m. bringing back the simulacre into the church of
Saint Maria Assunta.
At 7.30 p.m. you can attend the fireworks in Stagno Square.