The Albergo Diffuso Aquae Sinis welcomes you!

Aquae Sinis was born from the desire to revive the historic center of Cabras and offer its guests the authenticity of our land, rich in history and natural beauty.
Its room has been renovated respecting the canons of green building and set up to meet the needs of our guests.
All the buildings in Aquae Sinis are in energy saving class A, the gardens are designed for reduced water consumption and the water in all the houses is heated by solar energy; these are just some of the measures we take to safeguard nature and the local heritage.
We want to make your stay as pleasant and practical as possible, for this reason we are always at your complete disposal.
In this file you will discover how our hotel works and what it offers; finally you will find the information to access our Wi-Fi network, the times of our services and useful numbers for emergencies.
In thanking you for the preference granted to us we wish you a happy stay in Cabras and in the residences of Aquae Sinis.

We preserve your health
Stay safe

The rooms of Aquae Sinis are equipped with the QG80 air purifier, a device capable of eliminating viruses, mites, bacteria and bad smells. Every day you will find the air in your room safe and deodorized, and the textile elements it contains, linen, curtains, carpets disinfected. The device produces ozone and anions, ozone, internationally recognized as the most environmentally sustainable disinfection system, decomposing into oxygen oxidizes and destroys bacteria and viruses, rapidly decomposes formaldehyde, benzene, methane, ammonia and other harmful gases. Dianions are negative ions, their presence improves the quality of the air by removing dust, PM2.5 also activates the oxygen molecules in the air, creating a pleasant freshness.

House rules

  1. Arrival (Check-in): rooms will be available from 14:00 unless otherwise agreed.
  2. Departure (Check-out): rooms must be vacated by 10:30 am unless otherwise agreed.
  3. It is not allowed, for reasons of Public Security, guests to let other people into the rooms at any time.
  4. Always use masks in the common rooms.
  5. It is forbidden to smoke, use drugs, speak loudly, shout, slam doors or windows inside the rooms.
  6. It is also recommended, whenever you leave the room in the morning after breakfast, to close the door and leave the windows open.
  7. Please remind the kind clientele that it is not allowed to leave the air conditioner on during the absence from the room.
  8. The customer undertakes to respect the premises and the things contained in it, any damage caused will be charged at the cost of restoration.
  9. Animals are allowed in the structure, an extra charge of € 10.00 per day will be applied.
  10.  The hotel offers its guests the possibility to enjoy an INTERNET Free Wi Fi service available in the rooms and public areas.
  11. Garbage must be collected in the appropriate collection bags located in the rooms and bathrooms of the rooms.
  12. Remember to put the magnetic card back in the small box outside your room when you leave.

The Homes of Aquae Sinis

Via Cesare Battisti 44

Wellness area
2 rooms

Piazza Stagno 30

Terrace on the pond
Birdwatching station
5 rooms
1 Suite  


Via la Maddalena

Common room
Swimming pool with jacuzzi
6 rooms
1 Suite

Secondary door Mistras with keypad for the first time
Vico la Maddalena

Vico la Maddalena e Via Mariano

Common garden
8 rooms

Secondary door house Pontis Pontis
Vico la Maddalena

Access to your Home

Right/Left side of door enter opening.

Access to the room

Room entrance

Place the key on the reader

Insert the card into the slot inside the room to activate the electricity.


To set the new code keep the safe open, as shown in the photo.

Open the battery compartment.

Push the red button to reset the settings.
The system is now ready to store the new code according to the instructions next to the safe


To set the new code, keep the safe open, as shown in the photo.

Find and press the button on the inside edge of the door.

LAGUNA – air conditioner settings

air conditioner settings